Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tryout results

I've written three different posts about this since Sunday, November 14th. It's hard to fully describe what happened, so I won't even try.

Basically, I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so afraid that a lot of rollergirls from apprentice leagues would be trying out, but I only saw one (there may have been more). Even so, the other tryoutees were better than I thought they'd be. You could tell a lot of them had been hockey players or something like that.
There's still a little bit of fear since there will be another round of cuts at the end of December, but since I have a great place to practice in by myself PLUS what everyone else has to practice in PLUS a great bunch of skater friends PLUS the fact that the head of our training sent us the schedule of what we'll be learning each week - and I've already practiced everything on it! At least the stuff in the first four weeks.
Despite all those assurances, I still have a healthy bit of fear which I will employ to practice, practice, practice and get vets to assess me well before the fourth week of practice to ensure that I'll pass the second round of cuts.

I have a feeling that the majority of the girls who are not going to make the cut will end up dropping out before the cut. I think they won't be able to make the attendance required or they'll think the endurance is a bit too much for them.

*Happy dance!* I made it the first time I tried out!! And PRG is fourth in the WORLDDDD.

And all the girls, save one, I practiced with beforehand made it with me!! Yay! I like all of them so this is great news.

So tonight is the night before Thanksgiving and I'm spending the night rewatching PRG's performance in the Eastern Regionals on

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