Thursday, March 10, 2011

Level 2 Assessments

(Part of the Fresh Meat class 2011 at the March bout)

Reflecting upon my skills assessment:
t-stops kinda sucked, didn't fall on the jump turns this time, and went too fast on the cones, but didn't skip or train track them - should have been lower and gone slower. Sigh. Everything else was good.

Speed/endurance assessments:
5 laps in 47 seconds.
29 laps in 5 minutes. But damn, Donna and a few others got that too. I was so close to hitting 30 though, closer than anyone. 29.75. Damn. Nobody will tie me again!! And I will destroy all the other meat with endurance assessments (the falls) for real, once my tailbone is in tip-top shape again! You better believe it! (pep talk for me, sorry, ha)

Scrimmage assessments:
I didn't hold my positions all that well. but some people say I'm too hard on myself. Hmm, I did try and did different stuff.
When I was b3, I kept yelling at Allison, my b2, to come back and make a wall with me, which we did several times. That was great! We held the jammer back pretty well! I also remember that Karin was pivot and noticing that she got stuck behind the pack after a hit or something, so I gave her an outside arm whip on turn 1 and got her back up to the pack. I am faster than her and I needed to stay back while she needed to get up front again, so I think that was a great move too.
When I was pivot, I got everyone up in the front and we raced until time ran out cuz our jammer was behind the oj. That was great. I also hit the jammer out and then stopped, stayed in play, made her come in behind me and kept her back pretty well after that!

Across the board, I started hitting really well. Got some great practice in that! It's easier during scrim than in drills, at least for me. I hit OM Alexis down a bunch and other girls too. When I was b2, I think, I saw the jammer coming on the outside, but I was inside, holding the line. So I pushed my teammate, b3, who didn't see the jammer was on her outside, at her while yelling about it - and knocked the oj out! ha! That was on turn 4. Beautiful. Then together we kept the jammer back for at least a lap or so. I forget who my teammate was and who the jammer was, but we were awesome.

I don't know when we'll get our results. But I'm not extremely anxious to receive them cuz I know I can't be cut anymore :)

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