Sunday, July 3, 2011

First bouting experience

From ECDX 2011

Wow. I just realized that my very first real jam was against K-T Boundary, a 3 year Dutchland vet! And I got lead jammer!
Though it looks like she beat me off of the line... I actually let her go ahead of me into the pack. At first I was going to knock her out right off the line, but then she switched to the outside last second. So I thought, well, I'll let her go first because a) "75% of jammer who enter the pack second get lead jammer" and b) my blockers would only have to worry about hitting her and not blocking for me for a few seconds whereas her blockers would have to block for her and worry about me coming up behind her... Which is exactly what happened. Her blockers cleared the way for her AND me and then my blockers got her and let me go which equaled in me being lead jammer!!

Here's Jayne blocking K-T for me!

Well, happy fourth of July. Or 2nd/3rd :) Just came back from a nice shindig on a roof. Now I'm home and winding down by changing out my bearings for the first time ever. It's easier than I thought, or maybe it's just because I have the right tools.

I was a blocker too. I was really feeling the blocking during the Block Party bout - how apt! Look at the pivot me glaring at the OJ. A few seconds later and I was knocking her down.

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