Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Real Rollergirl

"Congrats! You PASSED!"

I told my fellow meat that I wasn't going to check my email until I got home because if it was bad news and I checked it at work, then I was going to be a sobbing mess and not be able to get any work done. But I have Gmail and it shows the first few words of each email before I open it and those were the only ones I needed to see!!
But I opened the email and read the rest of it. Hurray!! Then I texted the rest of my meat, my family, and the friends that care about this part of my life.

Wow. Waited so long, worked so hard, pushed through injuries I've never had before, and spent a LOT of money... on protective gear, skates, wheels, bearings, tools, tolls, gas, open skates, skate "lessons", etc.

It was all WORTH IT.

I am so happy.

(Me jamming a few months ago during scrimmage)

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