Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Vet Scrimmage

Yesterday the vets let us scrimmage with them for the first time. For real. Full contact. No mercy.

I played B1 (and jammed once). I would prefer to be B2 or B3 because I tend to race up past the Engagement Zone (which is 20 feet ahead of the foremost pack skater) and that means if I hit or help any skater up there then I go to the penalty box - not good!

During the jam that I was jammer - I lined up against Ivana.

I've never seen her jam before. I thought she might try to block me outside right away, but she didn't. In fact, I sprinted off the line and got around the opposing B2 and B3 on the outside thanks to two of my blockers, and then on the straightaway I got stuck behind Thrash, but Gloria came up and blocked her for me and I skated free around the track. I looked over at my jammer ref and saw him pointing at me - LEAD JAMMER! Whoa!
I never saw Ivana. I don't know if I lapped her during my scoring pass or what, but after I got past all 4 blockers to score, I was reabsorbed and then everyone was yelling at me to call it off, so I did.

And I was exhausted. Seriously. My ankle hurt from getting blocked down a few times and I was tired from not having any warm up. But still. I somehow got lead jammer and scored! My first time jamming with the vets! How huge is that?? :)

Yeah. I thought I was hooked already. It. Just. Got. Worse. (or better, ha)

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