Friday, November 12, 2010

Men's Roller Derby

A huge part of roller derby is the community within it... for men to take over derby will kill its heart because when men are in charge of sports it's all about power, money, and status.

I'm not saying all men are power hungry, money driven, status whores, but that is more of their tendency than it is for women. PLUS, just look at all the other sports - men dominate those and what are they about? Power, money, status.

And the one sport, the ONE SPORT, that women created and maintain in an AMATEUR status - it is community based. That's what women are great at - creating community. And it will be destroyed if men are allowed to take over. I do NOT agree with WFTDA partnering with men's roller derby. I believe that IF they have to play (why can't they do anything else? Seriously!) then it should be separate and they should NOT be allowed to use the same rules as those in WFTDA.

At any rate, I am not worried that men's roller derby will ever be as popular as women's because of their ugly, hyper physical, and less strategic style of play, but I just want to make sure that if roller derby ever makes it into the Olympics or it becomes a professional sport - that the men's version takes a backseat.

What's that your whispering? Something about equality? It is equal. Know how? Because men can play any other sport, they can make up their own sport, but they can't have ours. It's our one sport and they want to take it from us. No way, no how.


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