Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Skating, no sleeping

I've been so busy skating and doing everything else that sleeping doesn't fit in with my new skate schedule that I have lost a lot of sleep. Or rather, missed it. 5 hours a night is now my average. It's terrible!
Tonight is my one day off because it's voting day. I am going to get 9 or 10 hours of sleep and it will be glorious. Wednesday and Thursday, I will be up late skating, so I bet, at most, I will receive 6 hours of sleep for both nights, but on Friday I will be getting up early to catch a plane to Chicago! :) I will sleep on the plane and then probably in the airport a bit before it starts, as I arrive in Chi-Chi around 930am and the first bout isn't until that afternoon.
After the bouts on Friday, I won't be going to the after parties because Gotham has a 930am bout on Saturday! I will go to my friend's house, with whom I will be staying, and we'll hang out, probably get some deep dish pizza and then go to sleep early so we can be sure to be at the venue EARLY to get good seats for the day.
AHHHHH I am so excited!! I can't wait to watch the best derby in the world live all day!!
Okay. Calm down.
I am also eager to check out all the merch and gear that will be there. I need new skate guards and wish to purchase a DerbyRadio.com t-shirt. Not sure what else I'll buy, perhaps some wheels, but I plan to try on some knee pads, knee gaskets, butt pads, and skates. My current knee pads keep slipping, I think butt pads will become required gear someday soon, and my feet are freakishly wide. I will need customized skates someday, but I mean to try on as many as I can before I invest.

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