Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Strange child :)

When I was in elementary, I used to pedal hard and ram my bike into the garage door. I don't remember why - I just remember doing it and my mom yelling at me constantly for it.
I was also the fastest kid in two schools in elementary school. I was still the fastest kid in school until a new girl showed up in 7th grade, but since nobody wanted to play tag anymore, I didn't care. I turned my eyes toward softball...
In middle school, my sister and I used to stuff and strap tons of pillow to ourselves and then run at each other. We thought we looked hilarious all fat and squishy then it was fun to bounce around on the ground after impact. Crazy nuts :)
During a middle school softball game, a 60 mph fastball hit my thumb and fractured it. I still finished the inning... as the first baseman.
During another middle school softball game against the parents, I hit a fly ball to left field. It bounced and the outfielder picked it up and threw it to the firstbaseman, who was somebody's dad. He happened to be standing on the baseline, which is illegal no matter if you have the ball or not. So my little 12 year old self ran into a 40 something year old solid man and bounced backward, hard, into the dirt. I had a bruise on my butt for at least a week.
In high school, as an experiment with my first hand brake bike, I squeezed the front brake first and flipped. Yes, I did this on the grass.
During a high school softball game, I was running from third base to steal home - but the catcher was in my path (noticing a pattern yet??). She didn't have the ball yet, so it's illegal to do that. Annoyed, I ploughed straight into her and somehow ended up with my face on home plate with her next to me, unconscious, the ball rolling harmlessly by. I was perfectly fine and SAFE! Another point and the win for us. The catcher ended up with a few broken ribs... and bruised pride.
Also, in high school, during floor hockey themed gym class, I was the freak who bought and brought in her own hockey stick (needless to say, I was the best player out of all the girls AND guys). I always longed to play ice hockey, but it's an expensive sport, my family was poor, and there were no leagues near me that accepted girls anyway.
In college, one of my roommates and I used to wrestle or arm wrestle all the time. It was all so fun.

I've always been intensely competitive, and, it seems like pretty bone headed, but the truth of the matter is, I'm also a HUGE bookworm (I read our entire middle school library and would have read the entire high school one probably, but I switched schools midway through). And I'm not some huge girl. I've always been rather slight in build - it's just that I don't have a lot of fear. Luckily for me, as well, I must have a solid, though still slight, build because I've never broken or sprained anything my whole life. I have an amazing sense of balance too. I once went to a winter hike with 15 friends. The trail had been snowed upon, tred upon, and then frozen over. It was a treacherous hike. Everyone fell at least once, if not multiple times, except for me. Towards the end, I became so cocky, I actually started to skip on the uneven ice! Annoyed, one of my friends pushed me while I was airborne, but, like a cat, my body adjusted to the new trajectory and I landed on my feet with a roar of laughter.

Well, with my new 187 pro killer pads on while training on roller skates to pummel and block other girls, I feel like that kid again :D

My only wish? That roller derby also involved catching and/or throwing something. I do so love to catch things. I'm very good at it. I can even throw and catch things while blindfolded.

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