Sunday, October 10, 2010

GGRD New Basic

This past Saturday I took the regional rail and NJ transit rail up to NYC for Gotham's new basic training workshop. They have their own warehouse. It sounds like it'd be a huge place, but it seemed small compared to a rink. I guess that's because the ceiling was lower. It was really cool though, how each skater had a place to keep her personal belongings, instead of having to lug them around everywhere.
The workshop was good. We had more time to get to know each other and chat than was allotted during Philly's. It was more relaxed, definitely a slower pace. We weren't racing around the track the entire time (although, I enjoy doing that), but it was nice because we definitely focused more on the basics, like the mechanics of the t-stop and plow stop.
For instance, when Ariel demonstrated the t-stop, I didn't realize that the front foot also was participating in the stop, i.e. it's moving backward to meet the back foot, which is perpendicular to it. Once you nail it, you're moving both feet so fast that it doesn't look like you're moving the front foot at all - sort of like how the moonwalk works. You don't actually realize what MJ's feet are really doing. It was an invaluable experience - there's nothing online one can find that could replace it.
Now because I had my outdoor wheels on my skates, I couldn't quite master the t-stop. When I get my new skates this Saturday from Five Stride - I went in on Sunday, but they didn't have my size in stock - I will practice my t-stop for a few hours. I am very excited! I've always felt as if walking and running were too slow. Wheels have always been a part of me, like an extension of my body. My only regret is now finding this sport SOONER.

Additional notes: I also went to Gotham's doubleheader that night. Nicole was sick so she couldn't join me as planned - her ticket sadly went to waste.
Of course I still went, even if it was by myself. I thought I'd meet up with E at least, my new roller derby friend that I took the subway with to Crashpad. But my cell phone didn't work in the gym. Dang it. And it was a full house - sold out. I knew I wouldn't be able to find her, but maybe I'd find someone else who was at the workshop, after all, there were a lot of us.
I spotted a girl who looked vaguely familiar and asked her if she had been to the workshop that day. She hadn't, but then asked if I was trying out. I said yes, but for Philly. Turns out she's Teflon Donna, a jammer/blocker for Philly - how insanely random is that? I guess that's why she looked vaguely familiar. I still can't believe that out of all the New Yorkers in that place, I ran into the only other Philadelphian. Anyway, she was cool and the pack dynamics of the Manhattan Mayhem was interesting.

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