Thursday, October 28, 2010

A punny morning

*Warning, un-derby related*

This morning, my coworker "H" and I were discussing what one of our student workers, "S", was working on in the other room of our office.

Me: Did you show her where those extension lessons are? I didn't know which one "L" was talking about in her note.
H: Oh yes, I helped her. I scanned the note though, and did you notice it instructed "S" to sharpen 100 pencils?
Me: What?
H: Yes!
H: I mean, it's a good idea because you get to the classroom and you give the pencils out, but they can't use them because it would take forever for all of them to sharpen their pencils. So it's nice to have them all sharpened already.
Me: Yeah but think of the transport!
(a short pause as I let that sink in)
Me: They'd all break off anyway.
H: Oh my, you have a good point!
Me: Ha! hahahahahahaha.

And I'm still chuckling over it. I love a good, unintentional (or even intentional) pun!

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