Sunday, October 24, 2010

Roller Skating epiphany

I was looking through GGRD's website (because I'm going to NYC again this weekend! My friend Lynette and I are going to the intraleague championship bout, then she's letting (rather, insisting, ha) me crash at her place) and came across this photo:
And it dawned on me - roller skates are shoes with four wheels on the bottom!
Okay. Don't let me lose you here. I'm not an idiot :) I knew this before, but there's knowing something and KNOWING something, in that, I am using this in my thought process in a very specific way - namely in mastering the mohawk. I believe that this game and all its maneuvers are, for me anyway, 90% mental. I can make my body do most anything if I can get my brain to process it in the right way (plus lots of practice/repetition). Thinking about roller skates as shoes with four wheels on the bottom gives me the confidence to believe that I can do anything on skates that I can do with shoes on. And I can totally do the mohawk with shoes on!
Tomorrow will be my next attempt. I am psyched. Also, tomorrow my new skate bag and badly needed skate guards arrive in the mail from Fast Girl Skates!
I also splurged on the WFTDA rules handbook in a cute, little booklet. My printout is all raggedy so hopefully this thing will withstand my mobile life a bit better! I just love reading and rereading the rules to try to strategize. That is another thing I love about this sport - it's still so new so there is room for new and exciting strategies to emerge! How fun it would be if I found something nobody else thought of yet...

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