Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time flies

Hi blog,
Sorry I've neglected you recently, but life, work, side projects, derby, holiday prep, friends, parties, etc. takes up a lot of time! But derby is undoubtedly my favorite thing from that list!! I'll have to report on the last three or something practices at a later date because I'm too busy until after Christmas. However...

I'm EXTREMELY proud to announce that today I did crossovers while skating backwards! It was amazingly easy when I tried it this time around - I credit that to Teflon Donna for making us skate backwards on one leg during the beginning of Monday's practice. I practiced that this morning and after I felt more confident with that, I tried to do a crossover at the turn and was amazed at my success! Then I did it for 20 minutes straight or something. As time went on, I started to be able to dig down for more momentum and push from it! I love skating backwards!!!!!

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