Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tonight the journey could end... Tonight we have our pre-cut assessments. If I fail tonight, then tomorrow I could receive an email informing me that I have been cut. And I will cry. A lot. And I will have a very unmerry Christmas.

But I don't anticipate that. I think I will get an email that says they have officially, formally accepted me as fresh meat. I've volunteered, I've worked my butt off during practices, gone to 40 plus hours of extra practice time on the rink (since October I should add), attended strength training, read the rule book 2.5 times, attended tons of bouts, watched even more hours of derby online, researched derby even more often... I cannot possibly do ANY more than I have done. I will have done by very best.

Tomorrow I find out if it was enough.

But I'm pretty sure it is. I could get my strength up more, but that will come in time, as the vets can recognize.

Here goes!!!!

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