Friday, December 3, 2010

Derby eats

One of the neat/annoying things about roller derby is that now I have to eat 4-5 full meals a day. Tonight I ate at Wendy's. I know. Don't judge me - it's Friday!
I had a cheeseburger, fries, and two order of chicken nuggets with Oreos for dessert. Do you people realize that one hour of skating eats up 300 or more calories????? And the kind of skating we do - wouldn't be surprised if it eats 600 calories each hour! No joke.
Actually, I can't just drink water during practice, I have to half it with Gatorade or else I start to feel faint because I naturally burn carbs very fast already, but derby practice quantifies that process to the max! And I'm getting into the habit of eating chicken, salad, and a serving of quinoa for dinner before practice, then a banana in the car on the way over. Still, by the end of practice, I am hungry and must eat a second dinner. My roommates say that I sound like a hobbit when I talk like that :)
I mostly love this, mostly because sometimes I don't like to eat. I remember in high school during softball season - just eating and eating and eating because I wanted to be bigger so I could hit the ball further. I didn't really get bigger, other than what I would have become naturally, but it was fun to eat two bagels for breakfast instead of just one. It took me years to get myself out of that particular habit. Now I'm diving back in because, once again, I want to be bigger, this time so I can hit harder, but I'm being smart about it. I'm eating lots of protein so my muscles will grow thick and strong. Nobody is gonna mess with me! :)

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