Thursday, June 2, 2011

Assessment results

My weak ankles couldn't pull off the t-stop. I can do it at home on my slippery floor, but the grippy floor at the rink is too strong. I have to strengthen my ankles. That's all there is to it. And I have to remember to bend my knees, I think that'll help. All my fresh meat tried to help me practice, but it wasn't enough. Damn.
Then we did the scrimmage portion. I did really well except for 2 times that I lost tracker of the OJ and she got past me. I knew that'd cost me something, but I didn't think it would cost me this much. Apparently, that was enough to keep me from graduating.
They emphasized that I am on the cusp of graduating. They said so many good things that I did... They just want to see more awareness and a good t-stop.

Inititally I was fine, but suddenly, the next morning, I am really discouraged. It probably doesn't help that I only got 3 hours of sleep, but still.
It's small comfort that nobody else, so far, graduated either. But 3 girls didn't get their evaluations last night, so it's possible one of them did. But they better not have, if I didn't. Or it'll discourage me even more.

I did SO well jamming. 15 point jams at least each time. Sigh.

This is bad though. I can feel my enthusiasm slipping away, replaced with resignation. Hopefully by Sunday I can turn this around and into determination, at the least.

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