Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hamstring update

It's feeling SO much better!! Today I didn't even wear my compression brace! And I feel fine. I took it easy at practice last night (which means I didn't push myself to my limit, but I still kept up a moderate pace), so I'm sure that helped, but even so, I am really happy with it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Level 3

Ooooooops! SORRY. I need to update this more often.

I assessed a few weeks ago and I made it to level 3! And I had some really awesome jams, especially the last one. I was on FIRE.
BUT. I still failed my t-stop skill assessment. Bleh. And now the rink has been resurfaced, making that particular stop even tougher to perform.

Level 3 means I can scrimmage with the vets and that I'm one step away from graduating!!

To graduate I have to make home team time (check!), have 75% attendance (so far so good) between last assessment and this one, pass the next scrimmage assessment (looking good so far, if Sunday vet scrimmage and Wed meat scrimmage are any indicators), and pass my t-stop skill assessment. That's the one that could hurt me.

On top of all this.. I pulled my left leg's hamstring last Tuesday during a softball game. I'm RICEing it. My coworkers called me Cripples and my roommates called me Crutchie (even though I'm just limping to keep weight off of my leg, no crutches). It's a mild pull. I think it's mild because I have no bruise and no swelling that I can ascertain. But it's weak, although getting stronger, and spasms at times, as well as a bit sore.

Hopefully it'll be 100% or at least scrimmage ready enough for June 1st. I scrimmaged today with the vets (Butchers to be exact) and all was well! Better than good. I didn't jam and I tried to only go out every third or fourth jam, plus I am wearing a brace, so I did take precautions... Still, I did VERY well. I felt like 90% of the time I knew what was happening, what I should be doing, and was able to execute it.
I know this not because any of the Butchers told me, but because of what they didn't tell me. In the beginning, they kept me in the front so I couldn't be runted. But as the jams progressed and they saw that I was hard for the other teams to runt and that I could runt others, they had me participate in more of the strategy, which was really fun!
HA. At one point, Leggs was jamming and she was having trouble getting around the foremost blocker. So I skated up and was like, I'm here! And then I was blocking the girl so Leggs could go on the inside when I felt my skort, leggings, and underwear get pulled backward! My ass was hanging out as Leggs took a whip from me! ha. She could have asked for one, but hey, that worked. She got out. I felt a little funny about it though, haha.
Another time I drew a back block on the jammer on purpose. That was awesome! Granted, the OJ was another meat, but still, it counts. Andddd, perhaps most important, we won all of our scrimmages!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roller Warrior

When planning the hours before derby practice, which includes, of course, dressing, I realized I feel like I'm preparing to go to war: thigh brace, ankle brace, shin guards, knee gaskets, all of these things are donned BEFORE I get to practice. At practice, I put on giant, tissue box sized knee pads, on top of my knee gaskets, as well as elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet, and mouth guard. I usually wear leggings, not tights anymore, and certainly never fishnets (although this is much to my roommates' chagrin, one of which bought me a pair for Christmas - but I don't feel guilty for never wearing them since I happen to know she bought me the gift a few hours before we were set to exchange them), this is to combat the ever present danger of rink rash. I don't fear it, or, if I do, I fear it just the same as any other cut or abrasion I've had. Like paper cuts. I take certain precautions, but outside of that, I abandon all worry. Hence, I still get such things (had rink rash twice), but it happens a lot less.

One of my fellow fresh meat fell on her ass rather hard while we were skating backwards a few weeks ago. The result has been a broken or bruised tailbone. I bruised mine a few months ago as well. I was jamming and, for no reason I can explain, after breaking through the pack and gaining lead, I felt on my skate wheel in just the right, or wrong, way. It hurt, but the real pain came later. I was able to finish off the jam with 8-0 differential. Afterward, sitting down hurt. As the hours progressed, it hurt more and more. I should have iced it right away. I know better now. My ass still hurts, more than two months later, if I sit a certain way for too long. Sometimes I wonder if it will always hurt, or if it has ever not hurt. Mostly though, I forget about it. And, in spite of this injury, I have elected not to wear, much less purchase, crash pads. Perhaps I will regret this decision. I hope not. I think I would wear them if everyone in the league did.
Once I got kicked in the shins and it really hurt. I looked around after that and noticed a lot of vets I respect, Perseph, Sunny, Mo, etc, wear shin guards. So I bought a pair and wear them during scrimmage.